Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall, blogging, decisions...

Hello everyone!

I'm back from my travels and so very glad to be home.  I loved our trips, but coming home is the best.

Have had some challenges - allergies (I hate fall and winter allergies - definitely have them) - a computer that bit the dust - a sort of reading slump...you know how it is.

My computer did 'give up the ghost' in between our trips and I've been adjusting to a new normal in that regard.  I've always been a desktop person and now I have a laptop.  I am happy that that I can still use my big monitor and keyboard, but it's still an adjustment.  I lost some things, but not all.  I think I'm really just not a person who responds well to change.  It's that 'control' thing.

My reading has been sporadic.  I hate that too.  I always feel 'out of sync' when I'm not reading much.  However, trying to adjust.  And that brings up the blogging question.  Guys, I am really struggling with social media right now.  For a bunch of reasons.  I want to 'run away, run away' and find my reading 'mojo'.  Blogging seems too much work and I am so uninspired.  Litsy has been fun, but I'm thinking that it might be a little 'too much' for me right now.  A little frantic and 'too many things'.  Don't even get me talking about Facebook.  I do have an account, but I keep it personal and not connected to this blog at all.  It's for family mostly.

So, I am on a 'social media' break of a sort.  Or intend to be.  I am reading your blogs, but don't worry if I don't comment much.  I'm reading those in chunks - like once a week.  I'm going to put this blog to 'bed' until the end of this year and then reconsider.  I may continue in 2017.  I may not.  I know I've said that before, but there it is.  Again.  I promise if it I do close it down for good, I'll do a final post.

Nothing is wrong with me physically - so don't worry about that.  I'm going to leave you with some lovely fall pictures from my travels.  The first 3 are from New Mexico, which does have a bit of fall color.  Mostly not.  Lots of pine trees in the area we visit.  The last 3 are from Kerrville, TX.  Some late flowers, the pears from a prickly pear cactus, and a great saying from the walkway around the Kerrville Library.  I loved it.

Take care and have a great holiday season!!