Monday, July 26, 2021

More 'walking' pictures, a new book group visit, and possible volunteering opportunities...

Hello wonderful book friends!  I'm glad to stop back around here and share some additional pictures from my morning walks.  I'll also tell you about a Talking Texas Book Group visit and share about possible volunteering opportunities.  How are all of you?  Well, I hope and also hopefully enjoying your summer.  We're continuing to settle in our new location, check items off our 'to-do' lists, and will be taking another trip to New Mexico next week for my husband to play in a golf tournament.  Someday, we will move forward on our house renovation lists, but since we are being patient and waiting our turn we decided to enjoy another little vacation.

I was able to stop by the local library and talk with the director and adult services librarians regarding volunteering.  I filled out my paperwork and will start my volunteer work there in September.  A picture of that library is above and it's so light and bright inside.  The Guadalupe River flows through Kerrville and the library is located by the river with larger windows and seating areas to be able to see the trees and water and park area.  It's just lovely.

I also decided to attend one of this library's two book groups to see what they might be like.  There is a 'regular' book group that reads fiction/non-fiction, etc. and I will also try to attend that one in August or September.  The second group is called 'Talking Texas' Book Group and they read and discuss books featuring Texas history, topics important to Texas residents, and/or Central Texas locations.  This group meets at the History Center, which is right across the parking lot from the library.  I wasn't able to tour the History Center quite yet, but I very much enjoyed the book group (even though I hadn't read the book, Woman Hollering Creek, by Sandra Cisneros).  Above, you can see the front of the History Center and also a mother deer and fawn that were hiding on the library grounds.  Cute, right? 

I'll also be volunteering for the Friends of the Library and the jury is out on how well that will work.  I had met a neighbor while I was out walking that is very involved with that Friends group.  She encouraged me to come and get set up to volunteer when their 'Friends Bookstore' was open.  I did stop by and talked with the gentleman that manages that bookstore.  The store is only open 2 hours a week right now and 2 hours one Saturday a month.  All the volunteers have an area of the store that is their responsibility.  There were actually a lot of volunteers and a few customers.  In any case, I'm not sure that they need lots more people to help out right now.  The manager offered me the responsibility of a few different areas.  I did ask about any kind of fiction or especially mystery.  However, I think you'd have to volunteer for many years to get one of those.  Ha!  I ended up with 'Cooking' as my area.  So...not quite what I expected, but I'll see how it goes for a few weeks.

I'll save talking more about volunteering until another post.  I have sort of checked out a local yoga studio, but I haven't attended any classes yet.  Probably September.  I'll finish with more pictures from my morning walks.  I find it interesting that so many people in our neighborhood have various lawn and yard ornaments or special areas.  I could have taken 20 pictures, but I didn't.  Here are a few things that I found charming or beautiful.  Have a good week and I'll likely not post again for couple of weeks.  One day I'll talk about reading.  I am reading, but so, so slowly.  Just not much to share there.  Perhaps in the fall.  


Saturday, July 17, 2021

A short update with pictures of my new walking route...

Hello book friends!  I'm going to share a short update here and hope to do a longer one next week with additional pictures from my new 'walking route'.  When I last 'spoke' with everyone here we were planning to leave on a postponed trip to Oregon.  Well, that trip was not to be - at least this year.  My husband had some allergy issues that turned into a sinus problem and we ended up cancelling the Oregon adventure yet again.  Maybe next year, right?  It seemed the prudent thing to do as sinus issues and air travel don't mix well.  We did drive out to New Mexico and our usual destination there, Ruidoso, for a few days.  We then returned and the remaining possessions that we had in storage in Austin were transferred to Kerrville.  We will maintain a 'back and forth' thing for a bit, but as time passes we are beginning to settle in and get some things accomplished.  It's going to be long process though with furniture orders and renovation tasks backlogged.  We are being patient and waiting our turn.  Ha!

I'll have more to say about seeking out new volunteering opportunities and yoga classes and who knows what else.  However, today I'm going to share a few pictures I've taken on my new 'walking route'.  Some lovely trees and some very lovely blooms.  Enjoy!

Oh, reading...well, I'm still having some issues in that area.  We'll see if this mega-slump will improve by fall.  I certainly hope so!