Wednesday, July 19, 2023

It's July and we've been on a lovely vacation to Oregon...

Hello book friends!  Hope each of you are doing well and enjoying your summer.  Has it been hot where you are?  It certainly has been in Central Texas.  Whew!  We had August-type temps in June and they continue for the most part in July.  Here's hoping that August might revert back to the June-like temps we missed.  Oh, and a little rain would be helpful.

We've been on a lovely vacation to Coastal Oregon and had a great time.  We left Texas at 107 degrees and arrived at Bandon, Oregon to a range of low 50's to low 60's.  Yes, we took jackets because it did feel a little brisk for a bit.  The wind was up as well.  My husband loved the golf and I loved the walking trails.  The picture above is what was visible behind our room and, yes, I walked that trail you see there.

I took this picture on the walking trail in the woods at Bandon Dunes and I thought it was a curious shot.  Somehow it caught my eye.  Don't know if that tree was struck by lightning or what but it was odd.

There is a labyrinth in those woods that I've shown before a few years ago.  I did walk that labyrinth and here is a picture I took from the middle.  Have you ever walked a labyrinth?  What I will tell you is that the paths may not go just as you think.  Round and round, but also back and forth.  

This shot was taken further up the coast of Oregon in Depoe Bay.  We stopped for lunch and to see if we could spot a whale (we didn't, but we did see a seal).  Les, I bet you recognize this spot.

One last picture from my walking in Gleneden Beach where Salishan is located.  It was a misty, foggy morning and quite beautiful.  As I said, cool temps and not quite as windy here.  Very peaceful.  A great time was had by both of us.  And then we came back to the heat.  Ah well.  It's summer.  This is Texas.  What I will say is that people are definitely travelling again and the airports and flights were jammed.  I don't much like flying anymore.  Too many people!

My reading has been going well, but not too many books read.  I have picked up and read the first two books in C.J. Box's Joe Pickett series.  I also read the first book in Paul Doiron's Mike Bowditch series.  Both of these have game warden protagonist's that also solve crimes.  We watched the first season of the TV adaptation about Joe Pickett.  My husband has read and kept up with both of these series, so I finally got around to trying them.  I'll continue with both I think.  I've reread a couple of books, but I'm just taking my time and going the way the mood strikes.  Oh, I also read the latest Lady Sherlock book by Sherry Thomas and enjoyed that one.  

We have trip planned to New Mexico in August and will be going to Austin for a few days next week to see family and for a couple of other appointments.  Just trying to relax and enjoy the summer of 2023.  Hope you do as well.  I'll check back around in a few weeks and appreciate those of you who still remember that I'm here!  Take care!