Monday, November 2, 2020

Happy November and still on a break...


Hello book friends!  Can you believe that it's November?  I can't and yet this year has seemed like a decade long.  It's odd for sure.  I'm going to be continuing my fall break, but I just wanted to check in and say 'hello' and share that we are still doing well.  We're being sensible and have decided that the holidays will be different this year.  Even though we have family in the area.  We're trying to be thoughtful about our relatives that are older, immune-compromised or are in jobs that mean they are exposed to a lot of humanity (teachers and medical people).  Thank goodness we still have phones and the ability to talk with people face-to-face in various ways, even if it is virtual.  I'm grateful for that every day.  It would have been different 30 years ago.

In any case, we'll be here being thankful for many, many things.  Me, I'm definitely thankful for books and the ability to enjoy them.  I've been reading a lot in print and listening to a bunch as well.  Our mystery group will be discussing The Long Call by Ann Cleeves this Wednesday evening.  I'm going to be leading a discussion of Gail Honeyman's Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine with our afternoon book group in a couple of weeks.  Both virtually and that's OK too.  Not perfect, but OK enough.

Oh, I also wanted to say that I read or reread all of Sherry Thomas' Lady Sherlock books in the last few weeks.  There are five of them now and Murder On Cold Street is the latest, published in October.  I had a great time visiting with Charlotte Holmes (aka Sherlock), Mrs. Watson, and all the other characters that this series has introduced us to.  It's great in print and also on audio.  Kate Reading is the narrator and she's a good one. Highly recommended.  

That's about all have.  Enjoy your November!  Take care and stay safe.  Wear your masks.  Be sensible.  And, please, my wish is that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving - even if it's a little different that usual.  Virtual hugs to all!