Sunday, November 13, 2022

A little update...yes, I'm still around, but busy....so, early Happy Thanksgiving!


Yes, I do know that Thanksgiving is not until next week - ha!  Although as busy as I've been, it's entirely possible that I've missed a week or miscalculated!  However, I decided that I just better go ahead and post a small update and wish everyone a happy holiday next week.  

All is well in our lives, but I have had a lot going on.  Our house renovations are continuing and progressing very nicely.  We're very pleased with what's been accomplished and we hope we might be finished with them by the end of this year.  Possibly.  One great thing is that my kitchen is finished and unpacked - only thing left there is the floor replacement.  That will be the last thing done and it's a whole house thing.  We are doing that vinyl wood flooring and it can be installed right on top of the tile that is currently all over the house.  We have our guest bathroom almost done and are using it now and we've moved out of the master bedroom area to the guest room so that work can be done on our master bath.  Crossing fingers for a new look almost everywhere in 2023.

Life otherwise has been quite full with lots of stuff.  I am still trying to volunteer at the library, but my time there has been limited and also my time attending book groups.  I have still been involved with our 'Friends of the Library' group and our little bookstore.  And I've agreed to take a part-time position with our new church helping out with the finance portion of things.  There's a learning curve with that job, but I'm getting things sorted out.  

My reading has suffered greatly.  I have been quite distracted in so many ways and have found myself having a hard time concentrating on books at all, even ones that I've been excited about reading.  It happens now and then with me and it always eventually goes away and I dive headfirst into reading again.  Hoping that time is coming soon.  I'm not quite 'right' when I'm not reading much.  

I did attend the writer's conference that I wrote about in an earlier August post.  It was very nice and I have a couple of authors that will do a guest post here on the blog at some point.  Actually, it will likely be 2023 before that comes, but we'll see.  I just wanted everyone to know that I am still around.  All is well.  I will likely only be posting once or twice in December and then hoping that January, 2023, will be a 'fresh new start'.  I do plan to start being more regular about reading and commenting on all of your blogs.  Think I can do that.  I've missed 'chatting' with everyone.  

Take care and enjoy the rest of November!  Hope you get a little turkey and a little pie next week!