Monday, December 31, 2018

Looking forward to 2019....what's to come?

2019 - can you believe that tomorrow it will be 2019?  Sounds kind of sci-fi-ish to me.  However, here we are.  So, what's to come in this new year - at least for kay's reading life - where I share some of my book journeys and also a bit about my life in other realms.  And my answer is - I'm not sure.  Not saying this blog is closing down, but posts will likely be a little more sporadic and my reading is likely to be a bit different.  

I had a number of plans for 2019 and my little blog.  That being said I know that I have a definite tendency to get a little ambitious and and more than a little regimented in my expectations of myself.  I liked what I did last year - the reviews (or book thoughts), the various monthly posts.  I liked the breaks.  I got very tired of certain types of books and also (once again) feeling like I had set myself too many tasks and rules.  

So, my aim for 2019 is basically not to have an aim.  No rules.  No rigid schedule.  No '5 posts per week' (where did I come up with that one?  Ha!).  2019 will be 'free range' reading.  Old books.  New books (maybe less new books).  Series books.  Lots of rereading.  Probably will keep up with the Classics List and the Canadian Challenge, but I reserve the right to take a step back there too.  

I'm not planning on sharing thoughts about every book I read.  I might.  I might not.  I will share my 'top 10 favorites that I read in 2018' in the next week or so.  And I'll share some 'away from the blog' stuff also perhaps next week.  Never fear that I won't be reading.  And I'll be around commenting on your reads and blogs.  Maybe not every day, but often.  Mostly, I'll be having my favorite method of relaxing and dreaming as pictured below.  

Take care and stay safe tonight if you're celebrating a bunch.  We'll be tucked in at home and I can guarantee that we won't even be awake as 2018 turns to 2019.  Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas....truly!  Wishing each and every one of you much 'Peace', 'Love', and 'Joy'.  I am very, very blessed to have each of you in my life and I'm hoping your holiday season is filled with good smells, good food, good fellowship, good feelings.  And if you're not in that sort of place right now...well...and sometimes we are not, I'm wishing you an extra measure of 'Peace'Happy Holidays - however you celebrate them!