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The To-Hell-And-Back Club - Jill Hannah Anderson

The To-Hell-And-Back-Club by Jill Hannah Anderson

First Paragraph:

I took a step back after knocking on my husband's bedroom door.
  'What?' Jerry opened his door, golf cap in hand, at 6:20 a.m.
  'When's your tee time?'
  'Josh called.  He left his spikes here.  Can you take them to him?'  The round trip to our son's campus would take over an hour--one I didn't have.  I was meeting my friends for the day.

My Thoughts:

What a great book! Really enjoyed this! Isn't it true that all of us have had hard times - difficult times - traumatic times? It might be illness or death or money problems or marital difficulties. It might even be a situation that seems unendurable. Peyton Brooks loses her 3 best friends in a car accident. After a time, she is referred to a club for women - the To-Hell-And-Back Club. The club exists to support women who need a little help. It's for fun and for tears and for sharing and for caring and the women are there for each other for as long as it takes. The club encourages the women to eventually begin to reach out and 'pay it forward', supporting others in whatever way they can. An inspiring story. I'm not sure if the author based this on a real 'club', but the idea has a lot of merit. I look forward to Jill Hannah Anderson's next book, which I understand will feature another character from this one. This one is recommended for some hope and encouragement and good feelings!


In this inspiring debut from Jill Hannah Anderson~ Peyton Brooks, a newly-empty nester with a comatose marriage, loses her three best friends in a car crash, and reaches out to women in the To-Hell-And-Back Club, hoping they’ll help resuscitate her life.

Through the “Hell Club”, Peyton learns that it’s never too late to begin again. These been-there-felt-that women use their sense of humor, strength, and support to help pull her off the couch and back to living her life.

She puts an end to her troubled marriage and rebuilds the life she’d put aside two decades ago. But when Peyton digs up time capsules she and her friends buried years ago and uncovers secrets about those she loved, she struggles to keep her own life-changing secret buried.

The “Hell Club” women help remind Peyton of the strength within her. She finds a renewed hope in life and love when she faces the mistakes and guilt that have troubled her for years. When Peyton’s secret is discovered, she’s going to need the “Hell Club” women more than ever.


  1. Sounds great! I'm sure it will appeal to those of us of a "certain age" who've been there, done that one too many times!

  2. It does sound good. Different kind of book than we usually read. I am reading a family saga right now. Just a diversion that came my. way.

  3. Thank you so much, Kay, for reading and reviewing my new book. I sincerely appreciate you helping spread the word. :)

  4. Sounds like one I'd really enjoy! I love friendship books and it's been a long time since I've read one. Adding it to my list!

  5. Oh boy sounds like you need a kleenex for this one! I do enjoy women's fiction and stories of friendships so will have to be on the look out for this one.

  6. I won't deny you may need Kleenex (based on reviews other women have written,lliana) but I also hope you find yourself laughing and cheering the main character on. :)


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