Monday, May 22, 2017

Malice Domestic 29 - Overview, Malice Go Round, and New Authors Breakfast...

Welcome to my first post about attending Malice Domestic, a fan convention that has been going for 29 years!  This convention, attended by fans, authors, dealers, agents, publishers, and anyone who loves 'traditional' mysteries, is always held in the Washington DC area.  At each convention, the Agatha Awards are presented, panels and interviews are held, there's a book room, a silent auction and a live auction (benefiting a charity) - so many things!  Hope you'll enjoy hearing about my adventures.

I was lucky enough to attend Left Coast Crime (another mystery convention) in Phoenix last year.  This year, I was privileged to go to Malice.  And I have lots to tell.  There were some similarities between the conventions - auctions, book rooms, panels, new author breakfast, awards banquet and also an event that allowed authors to 'speed date' attendees.  Pictures will be below my narrative.  Here's the registration area:

Registration Area with Martin Edwards and Shawn Reilly Simmons on left

The opening ceremonies were held late the first afternoon.  Here's a picture of Verena Rose, Malice Board of Directors Chairperson, in the best costume, taken right before the Opening Ceremonies!

Verena Rose, Malice Board Chair

Here's a shot of the Opening Ceremonies with Marcia Talley, the Toastmaster, welcoming everyone.

Marcia Talley, Toastmaster

The author speed dating was called 'Malice Go Round'.  It was held on the first morning and 42 authors rotated among tables to tell fans about their books.  I was better prepared at this event than at Left Coast Crime.  I had a pad and took down names and notes.  Of course, the authors gave us all kinds of 'swag' - bookmarks, postcards, candy, etc.  I'll only share two pictures.  This picture is of Alice Loweecey, an ex-nun who writes a series about an 'ex-nun who is a private eye'.  I got a chance to visit with Alice several times over the convention.  She always wore a 'hat' and was a lot of fun.  Judy Penz Sheluk was my only table companion for a bit and she appeared on a panel that I'll talk about tomorrow.  We also visited several times.

Alice Loweecey, who always wore a hat.  Judy Penz Sheluk to the right.

The last two authors that gave their pitch at our table were Gigi Pandian, who I met at Left Coast Crime, and who writes a treasure hunting series and also the Accidental Alchemist series, and Josh Pachter writes mostly short stories featuring Mahboob Chaudri, but has also done some other things as well.  I look forward to trying both authors' work.

Gigi Pandian and Josh Pachter

I'll also share a couple of pictures from the New Authors Breakfast.  At this event, attendees sit at a table 'hosted' by one of the new authors and then, as you eat pastries and sip coffee, these New Authors, 17 in all, are interviewed for a few minutes.  Here's a shot of my table, hosted by Radha Vatsal.  You can see her on the left side of the picture.  The gentleman is Art Taylor, who won the Agatha for 'Best Short Story' the evening before.  

New Authors' Breakfast - Art Taylor, Agatha Winner 2017

Here's a picture of Radha Vatsal being interviewed.  She was delightful to visit with.  Her historical mystery series is set in the early 20th century with Kitty Weeks, intrepid reporter, as a protagonist.  The first book is A Front Page Affair and the second has just come out, Murder Between the Lines.

Radha Vatsal being interviewed at New Authors' Breakfast

I'll stop here for today.  Come back Wednesday to hear about the Panels I attended - 7 of them - and how I offered to be a volunteer and maybe bit off more than I realized!


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    1. Yes, you would have liked it a lot!

  2. Malice Domestic is on my wish list of places I want to go. It sounds like such fun! I don't know several of the authors you mentioned so I'm going to go look up their work. I do have one book by Gigi Panadian that I've been wanting to read because it looks like such fun. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Katherine, you would really like Malice, I think. It's always held in the DC area. Might think about going some year. Just saying...

  3. Would you say that Malice Domestic authors write 'cozies?' Years ago, I would have recognized many authors' names, but I only knew of Martin Edwards of all the writers you mentioned. I've been away from modern cozies for a long time. Years ago, I subscribed to a publication put out by Jan Dean in Florida. It was called Murder Most Cozy. I especially liked a section called 'crimeless cozies.' She would write about authors like Miss Read.

    1. Yes, I think 'traditional' is the new name for cozies. Mostly because a lot of people think that cozies are only books that have hobbies included (knitting, decorating, cooking, etc.). Traditional allows a bit of a broader designation. Christie novels did have Miss Marple knitting, but they were not 'hobby' mysteries.

      I'll have four more 'Malice' posts, but I decided to spread them out a bit. There will be another tomorrow and one Friday. Lots more authors will mentioned, with links included. And I don't think most people would consider the books that Martin Edwards writes 'cozies', but 'traditional'. Does that make sense? LOL

    2. I think I might call ME's books 'police procedurals.' I've only read one. I thought he might have there because of his love and knowledge of the 'Golden Age' and his book about it. I do have a hard time with labels. Books and music, too. I think I get what you mean about the difference between cozy and traditional.


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